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Mrs. Joseph R. Pelich, Jr. (Olive Pelich), of Fort Worth, Texas gifted, on two separate occasions, Douglas Chandor art items to Chandor Gardens Foundation Inc., with the desire that these items be preserved and put on display for the public to enjoy. She wanted her late husband, Joseph R. Pelich Jr. also known as (aka)  “Joe Boy” , and Douglas Chandor’s friendship with the Pelich family, to be forever remembered.

In February 2016, Olive gifted an illustrated letter that Douglas Chandor had written to Joseph R. Pelich Sr. on June 22, 1935. The intricately illustrated letter originates from the time that Douglas was in the midst of having his studio/home designed by the prominent Fort Worth architect, Joseph R. Pelich Sr., who happened to also be his friend, as Douglas starts the letter “Joseph, mon vieux” (Joseph, my friend) . The letter not only shows Douglas’ attention to detail, but to his wit and humor. It as well gives a nod to Joseph’s young son, also named Joseph, as Douglas notes below a postage stamp affixed amongst the various illustrations Stamp for Joe Boy(see red arrow in photo below). This illustrated letter has been framed and hangs in the Great Room of the Chandor home at Chandor Gardens.

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Then in January 2021, Chandor Gardens Foundation Inc. learned that Olive had bequeathed the portrait by Douglas Chandor of her late husband, Joseph R. Pelich Jr. “Joe Boy” to Chandor Gardens Foundation Inc. The Foundation is extremely honoured that Olive entrusted us with this exquisite example of Douglas Chandor’s artistic talent.

joseph pelich jr douglaschandor 1937

The portrait is of the then twelve year-old Joseph R. Pelich Jr. "Joe Boy" of Fort Worth, Texas, which Douglas Chandor painted in 1936-37. It only seems fitting that this portrait now resides in the artist’s home, a home which was designed by the subject’s architect father, Joseph R. Pelich Sr.

Thank you so much Olive for sharing your "Joe Boy" through these beautiful pieces of Douglas Chandor's art.

NOTE: Chandor Gardens Foundation Inc. also wishes to acknowledge and thank Greg Dow of Dow Art Galleries, LLC, Fort Worth, TX for the generous in-kind donation of frame restoration and appraisal report on the Joseph R. Pelich Jr. portrait.